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Livestock Waste Permitting

The goal of any livestock waste control facility is to eliminate the discharge of wastes from livestock operations to groundwater and surface water. Generally, these programs apply to operations feeding or holding cattle, horses, swine, sheep, poultry or other livestock in buildings, lots or pens, which are not normally used for growing crops or vegetation.

State and federal programs typically require these operations to apply for and obtain construction and operating permits for livestock waste control facilities, as well as NPDES permits for the livestock operations.

EPI employees have provided professional engineering services to owners of over 50 permitted livestock management facilities. These services include storm water and groundwater management plans, site grading plans, and the design of livestock waste control facilities utilizing various synthetic liners.

EPI provides the following livestock waste facility design, construction and permitting services:

  • Storm Water/Groundwater Management Plans
  • Site Grading Plans
  • Livestock Waste Control Design
  • Construction/Operation Permitting
  • Construction Quality Assurance

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